Tuesday, January 20, 2009

We made history today!

Today is the day that history has been made. It's pretty amazing that I can be apart of this change. It never hit me that this is history, I just considered it as another president.. but now I do realize what has been made.

I wish i could have been there today to make it even better, but I wouldn't have been able to see anything so I'm happy i got to see it on TV. Looking at this huge crowd is pretty cool to see, and its amazing to see all these people out there support him, and are happy to be apart of this day. It really is amazing.. no other words can explain it.
I am ready for a change in this country, and I hope everything gets better.

Yay for Barack Obama, and history :]

Friday, January 16, 2009

Ice ice baby

Hey guys :]

So basically i'm freezing since its about 5 degrees here.. which sucks! I'm kind of tired of this weather.. but oh well what can you do?
Today i was so excited because i got my new phone.. a blackberry pearl! Its so much fun, i recommend it for everyone :] It keeps me busy, now i will have something to do when i'm bored in school.. yay :]
I'm kind of excited for sunday, because of football.. it seems interesting to me. I'll post on that for sunday. Tomorrow i have no idea what im doing besides going to dance, i think i may also go to the mall :] yayayay.
I think i'll go now.

Maybe i should do some more blogs on something interesting?

..we will see :]

Tuesday, January 13, 2009

My first post!!

Hey guys :]
So I have decided to do my first post, and actually start using this site. Hopefully i'll keep up with it.
I am probably going to do posts about fashion, inspirations, and what I like doing or any other random thing!
I probably don't have many readers right now, but i am hoping that will grow as time goes on :]
Well i will come and post better stuff later..hopefully!!

See you later
<3 katie